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Around 31km from Naples is the island of Ischia which is a stunning place to visit on vacation with plenty of things to do, and with budget hotels to choose from, many tourists keep going back for more! The Aragonese Castle, built on a rock close to the island is arguably the biggest attraction of the island and is very beautiful. Those interested in architecture will love this castle, and anybody who likes photography will enjoy taking stunning photographs of this beauty.The Villa La Colombaia, with a gorgeous park surrounding it, also attracts many people and is a very attractive place to visit. Thermal springs can also be found in Ischia and lots of tourists find these very interesting historically. Ischia also has plenty of beautiful beaches scattered around it, such as Chiaia which is perfect for families with children, and Fumarole Beach which is meant to be the best beach in the island. Wherever you choose to spend your days, you should definitely choose to spend your nights in one of the cheap hotels in Ischia that are offered by