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In the province of Isernia, the town of Capracotta is found about 45 kilometers away from Campobasso. It is also 25 kilometers from the provincial capital, also named Isernia. The town has about 1,200 citizens, making for a small town experience should you choose an discount hotel here.Capracotta sits in a valley at the foot of Monte Campo, the highest point in the area at 1,745 meters. Hiking, walking, biking, and other outdoor sports are popular in the area around town due to the variety of the landscape and the proximity of the Appennine Mountains. In fact, many visitors come to the town because of the Giardino della Flora Appenninica, the botanical garden that showcases flowers and plants found in the Appennine Mountain region. The towns patron saint is San Sebastiano, and the local church is dedicated to him. When in the town, pick up a copy of Voria, a publication that details the cultural events, attractions, and festivals happening around that time.