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Rivisondoli is a known ski destination located in central Italy. The town is found at the foot of Mount Calvario and because of this, the town used to be a strategic route. The narrow ways that is protected by the mountains are used by the military and businessmen in the early days. Currently, the narrow path is still the same but its more of an attraction rather than a road. There are also religious structures that cater to the religious needs of the locals but their structure has made it one of the tourist spots in the area. The Santuario di Santa Maria is located just outside of the center of the village. Around two kilometers from the center of Rivisondoli, you can easily appreciate the architecture from the 13th century. Another is the Parish Church San Nicola di Bari which was renovated at the start of the 21st century to replenish its old beauty.The hotels in Rivisondoli can easily get packed on a winters weekend. Rivisondoli attracts tourists from all over the region and they usually prefer discount hotels. Rivisondoli in summer can still be enjoyed with trekking and trips on a mountain bike. Travel packages with Rivisondoli cheap hotels are also common and great rates are found in There you can find the Rivisondoli hotels that have offers of great rates.