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The town of Rocca di Mezzo is known as the winter destination in the province of LAquila. As part of the Parco Naturale Regionale Sirente­Velino, the town has so much to offer in any season. However, ski is one of the favorite activities because of the Altopiano delle Rocche. Anyone who had been to Altopiano delle Rocche can tell you its worth your weekend. Rocca di Mezzo has churches around the area. One that stands out is the Chiesa Santa Maria della Neve from the 14th century. Almost with no windows, the church was built to protect the worshipers from extreme temperatures. The town is also flocked for their numerous festivals. The Festa del Narciso is among the festival that draws the most number of visitors.There are numerous hotels in Rocca di Mezzo that can assist the tourists in any given season. Rocca di Mezzo hotels have facilities in any particular time of year. During winter, even the Rocca di Mezzo cheap hotels have collections of skiing equipments perfect for the whole family. In you can easily find discount hotels Rocca di Mezzo has to offer to suit your needs for your winter travel.