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La Spezia is a province in the northern Italian region of Liguria; it is bathed in the south by the Ligurian Sea. Like many Ligurian provinces, the area has been inhabited since the Middle Paleolithic, with remains being found that date to around 80,000 years ago. Some form of agriculture arrived in the area with the Ligurian tribes. Besides La Spezia culture, the province is well known for its environmental awareness. The small archipelago found in this province, along with a piece of coastline, have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site; the coastline has also been declared a national park. Head to the capital city of the province, also called La Spezia, to check out some of the historical sights offered. Among important La Spezia attractions, there are a number of museums, dealing with a wide variety of topics including art, ethnography and religion. You should also stop by the town of Bonassola; sights to see here include churches, a museum of modern art, and a number of nature trails. If youre in need of entertainment in northern Italy for a weekend, La Spezia may be perfect.