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If you want to have the perfect getaway for the summer, Ponza should not be far from your choices. An island in the eastern coasts of Italy, Ponza is sure to give any of its visitors a treat for the weekend. Ponza is primarily visited for its beach, Chiaia di Luna. This golden sanded beach is a great place to stay the whole day especially with a magnificent view of the sunset, not withstanding that it’s surrounded by cliffs. From the center of the village, rent a boat and after 30 minutes you’ll be in the "Cathedral" of Palmarola. Technically an island, the name was given because of the massive cliffs created by the sea and wind. The village itself is full of wonders as it shows some unique Roman-era structures. Pilato's caves and Roman Tunnel are the known attractions of the town, the latter only accessible by boat.The hotels in Ponza are scattered throughout the island and each of them are near to the beach. Pick one of the discount hotels. Ponza is still a great place to stay as this small island can be as simple as it gets. Ponza hotels offer that lovely family environment so you can get experience the strong bonds of the Italian family. Rent a small scooter and you’ll have the time of your day. You can find most of the Ponza cheap hotels in