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San Felice Circeo Details

Located two hours to the south of Rome, the city of San Felice Circeo is steeped in an abundance of history and wonders. The town has a small population of nearly 8,000 people, but that number gets a bump annually due to the amount of visitors who fill up hotels in San Felice Circeo to get a taste of the history- laden sights around town. With supplying great discount hotels, San Felice Circeo is the perfect place for a vacation weekend. San Felice Circeo offers everything for the diver as well as for the land lover.There are some San Felice Circeo hotels not far from the ancient, limestone block fortified Acropoli. Not too far from there is The Sorresca, Sanctuary of Saint Maria of the Sorresca with a statue of the Virgin and Child. Also, there is the Tower of the Templari linked to a castle and containing a clock that dates back to the year 800. For those who want an underwater experience to remember, they should visit the Cove of the Impiso or hanged person, named for the man-shaped stalactite there. And for an awe-inspiring sight on land or at sea, visitors to San Felice Circeo should make sure to check out the immersed bronzed statue of the Christ of the Circeo, the citys symbol. Tourists cannot go wrong with San Felice Circeo cheap hotels but rich city sights and experiences.