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    Nature puts on an exhibition in and near the town of Terracina. Located near the Tyrrhenian Sea Terracina hotels along the sea rocks can be found with Hotels in Terracina are close to Campo Soriano, a natural park with large standing rocks. One of them is referred to as The Cathedral and it is about 50 feet high. During either a week or weekend Terracina offers the Grotte Di Pastena, a maze of caves where guided excursions happen. Along with discount hotels Terracina also sports a famous vineyard Villa Matilde in the small local town of Cellole where wine produced from the falerna grape is made.Chiesa del Purgatorio. It is the only church in Terracina of baroque design. The front façade of it has a depiction of death as a skeletal being, a distinct design of church found only in Terracina. Cheap hotels are good for those on a budget and smaller towns like Terracina to have them. So for a great Vacation in Italy, tourists should consider Terracina for their hotel stay.