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Not for the weak-hearted, Ventotene is a paradise hiding a volatile secret. It is the result of the eruption of an underwater volcanic eruption. It is still volcanically active area with the most recent eruption occurring in 1988. can help adventure seekers find discount hotels Ventotene offer for a getaway weekend. Ventotene a part of the Pontine islands and has secluded beaches lined with hotels. In Ventotene, one can find relaxation but there some great attractions in the surrounding islands.Santo Stefano is an island that contains Neolithic artifacts and ancient obsidians which are naturally formed colorful rock glass. It is a granite island that once was a prison. There are also the Blue Grottos, blue tinted caves, off of its coast. Staying in Ventotene hotels can get tourists access to that island as well as to Ponza. It is the biggest of all the islands and has quirky natural rock formations, like the one that looks like a giant pair of pants called Arco Naturale O Spaccapolpi. But that is just one among several. Ventotene cheap hotels can put vacationers in close proximity to many sights like no where else.