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Alessano Details

Alessano is a town in the province of Lecce, in the Southern Italian region of Puglia; it is part of the geographic area known as Salento, located at the heel of the Italian peninsula. Alessano is rich in both historical and architectural monuments, as well as natural landscapes and habitats; indeed, part of its territory has now been included in the Costa Otranto Santa Maria di Leuca e Bosco di Tricase Park. When visiting Alessano, you should check out the pearl of the city, Marina di Novaglie; there is a small tourist port, crystal waters and characteristic houses interspersed among olive groves and Mediterranean vegetation.Besides the natural beauty of the town, youll find plenty of culture and history here. Stop by the Chiesa del Santissimo Salvatore, which was built over the remains of a much older church. You should also visit the Convento dei Frati Cappuccini, a Capuchin monastery constructed around the 1400s. Finally, stop by the Chiesa di San Antonio, one of the oldest churches in the area; some claim that the church was built by Saint Francis. If youre looking for natural and historical beauty for a weekend, Alessano may be the place for you. Visit to find the discount hotels Alessano offers; if not in Alessano, cheap hotels may be found in the surrounding area. There are a number of different hotels in Alessano, so read some info on Alessano hotels to find the right one for you.