Hotels in Carpignano Salentino

Carpignano Salentino Details

The province of Lecce, in the Apulia region in the south-eastern part of Italy, is often visited for the town of the same name. However, not as much is said about other towns in the region, many of which have plenty of interests to offer in their own right. One of these is Carpignano Salentino, which includes the frazione, or neighborhood, of Serrano. This quiet village offers the opportunity for visitors to experience the true day to day Italian life without the filter that many ‘tourist districts’ place on a vistor’s trip.If you do choose to stay in Carpignano Salentino, check here at for ideas on the best discount hotels in the area. Cheap Carpignano Salentino hotels may provide a better quality of hotel for the price than can be found for the same money in larger, touristy towns. In the town itself, the main piazza is the place to see the action. The church with its bell tower provides a lovely backdrop to what is often the town’s social center. The town is surrounded by medieval walls, parts of which have been interestingly incorporated into more modern structures. Just outside of Carpignano Salentio, look for the Byzantine church of Santa Marina in Stigliano.