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    If you want to visit Venice during the day but stay outside the city overnight, hotels in Cavallino are convenient, just a few kilometers from the larger city. Cavallino hotels lie along the 15 kilometer coastline that is a pristine beach, with sands of peculiar pink and white. These colors alternate with the sunlight and reflect as such because they have been washed down from the nearby Dolomites, standing majestically as another interesting sight to see when staying in Cavallino cheap hotels.While not crowded with discount hotels, Cavallino does have a number of accommodations for visitors to the area that make a long walk during a romantic sunset convenient for guests and tourists. The area is clean and free of any litter so that the Cavallino beaches are relaxing and classically beautiful. can help you make your travel plans in a breeze, saving you money with discounts and gaining access to some of the best vacation getaways in Italy.