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When people think about an Italian vacation, they often picture serene towns with attractive architecture set within a rich and beautiful Mediterranean environment facing the coast. This is the sort of romantic notion that towns like Gagliano del Capo help to create, and for good reason! Gagliano del Capo presents to vacationers an absolutely beautiful place to stay towards the tip of the Salentine Peninsula. There are also Gagliano del Capo hotels available that won't deplete your budget either, offering quality accommodations at very reasonable prices.When visiting this simple but gorgeous town, you should consider traveling to other cities nearby that offer great attractions. Nearby is Lecce, which has some of the best sites of interest one can find in this region. There's the Santa Croce's Basilica, which has some stupendously great architecture. Also found in Lecce are the Sedile, Roman Amphitheatre, Orto Botanico di Lecce, and the Castle of Charles V attractions. If you want to make your stay truly count, you'll want to save every penny for shopping and recreation. Using to reserve a room at one of the discount Gagliano del Capo hotels will ensure that you have a very flexible budget for touring Italy.