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The name Lequile is thought to have Roman roots, coming from the words ‘Le Aquile’ being pronounced in a way that blended the sounds into one word. Today, many of the farm lands that once surrounded the historic center have been abandoned, giving the landscape around Lequile a rather mysterious air and lots of room for hiking or exploring. has a number of options for cheap Lequile hotels as well as for budget hotels in the general area, so be sure to check there when looking for accommodations.The town hub of Lequile is the Piazza San Vito, where the municipal building, a former palace, is found. The Chiesa di San Nicola dates from the 16th century has an interesting interior, with a broadly arched ceiling and an octagonal cupola. There is also a fresco from 1692 of the Crucifixion. The Chiesa Matrice has a five story bell tower and a large cupola with a floor plan that includes six chapels inside. It was built in 1896 by the architect Russo di San Cesario.