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    The Apulia province in Italy is home to many wondrous sights, and for the travelers who wish to partake of them, a trip to Matino is well worth their while. In the walls of this magnificent city, you have the opportunity to visit many important cultural heritage sites such as the Celestine’s convent, and the enormous column which supports the world famous statue of Saint Oronzo. The castle of Charles V beckons to you from atop its hill with its imposing façade and architecture, signifier of the glorious and immense past that forms the basis of Italy’s attractions. Those lovers of history should also be certain to check out the ancient Ampitheatre of Lecce, a ruined ampitheatre from Roman times that truly transports you back to a different age.As you wander about Matino taking in the sights, you’re going to get tired eventually! That’s why you’ll no doubt want to prolong your stay in one of the many excellent discount hotels Matino has to offer. But don’t book with just anyone – go with, the most qualified agents in the business.