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Too often the small communes of Italy get overlooked in the rush to see the big sights in places like Florence and Rome. This is a shame because some of those communes, such as Neviano in Apulia, have some excellent attractions that should appeal to tourists from all interests and walks of life. In Neviano, you can enjoy the Church of the Holy Cross with its astonishing collection of grotesque statuary, or the San Niccolo chapel. Natural beauty is also abundant in the botanical gardens of Lecce where you can just sit and relax from a while, unwinding from the hustle and bustle and enjoying your vacation thoroughly.Neviano’s sights are far too numerous to see all in the span of a single day. Plus, you’ll want a nice base of operations from which to set out and really make the most of your Italian vacation. That’s why you can’t just rely on fate to find you the best rates. Leave it up to a qualified expert –