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Parabita is a city in the province of Lecce in Southern Italy and it has a population of approximately 9,557 people. The museums situated in this town reveal the extensive history of the place. Museo Pinacoteca 'enrico Giannelli was once the palace of the feudal Lord Ferrari. Now, it is home to the Red Art Gallery that houses the paintings and sculptures of the Neapolitan school of the 19th century. Another interesting place is the Museo del Manifesto which contains a collection of at least sixty thousand famous Italian masterpieces. Also an attraction is the Castello or Castle of Parabita that was built in 1540. You can also visit the hilltop church of Chiesa Matrice and get a spectacular view of the town from there. A visit to Parabita would not be complete without a stop at the Palazzo Ducale, which bridges the past and present of Italy through its Vannonian architecture. If you want to trace through the history of Italy, weekend Parabita is the way to do it. You will definitely enjoy the traditional hospitality and décor at the hotels in Parabita. Parabita hotels come in a wide array of choices. Discount hotels Parabita are very much available for your convenience. You can visit the Parabita cheap hotels and book in advance through