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    Presicce is a town that is about 60 kilometers from Lecce. The place boasts of religious architectures. Visitors can check out the St. Andrew Church, which incidentally is the seat of the patron saint of Presicce. Completed in 1781, the church features a marble altar and the interior of the church features some works of well known painters like Coppola and Tiso. In front of the church lies the Column of St. Andrew that was designed by the architect Zimbalo. You will also have to see the Monastery of the Reformed Fathers, also known as the Monastery of Angels, a church built between 1596 and 1603. Tourists who have gone to the place find the church visit to be a soothing experience, feeling renewed.For a spirit lifting weekend, Presicce is perfect. There are many Pressice hotels for you to choose from. Hotels in Presicce are famous for their great services. If you are looking for cheap Presicce hotels, you may explore to find great deals. Be sure to check out the discount hotels. Presicce offers a variety of packages so you can stay in the best hotels for less.