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    Just 8 kilometers to the south of Lecce, in the province of the same name, is the town of San Cesario di Lecce. The village is located in the central lowland of the Valle della Cupa, or Cupa Valley. The rather rural portion of the town is contrasted to the more urban portion, called Aria Sana. With its proximity to Lecce, it is certainly possible to find a budget San Cesario di Lecce hotel. Check for the best discount hotels in the area.When you first start exploring San Cesario di Lecce, start with Piazza Garibaldi. The Palazzo Ducale, or ducal palace, sits on this square, and its ornate Palladian architecture gives the piazza a grand, rather formidable air. The current configuration dates from the 17th century, although the original version dates from the 15th century. Also on Piazza Garibaldi is the Chiesa Matrice Santa Maria delle Grazie. The church’s latest reconstruction was completed in 1847. For an even older church, try the Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista, which was constructed between 1320 and 1321.