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    Italy bleeds history and the best places there to visit are the ones that clearly demonstrate the multifaceted heritage that really defines this country as a whole. To accomplish that objective, look no further than Taviano in the Apulia province. Here, you can visit the religious site of the Church of the Holy Cross, which is practically like a museum in and of itself with its massive collection of grotesque statuary. Then, visit the ampitheatre of Lecce, where you can see Roman architecture as it stood two thousand years ago. San Niccolo chapel and a stroll in the botanical gardens will round out your day in style when you visit one of the most pleasant towns to see in all of Italy – Taviano.Taviano’s attractions are among the most compelling in all of Italy, which is saying a lot since this is one of the most traveled of all vacation destinations. For that reason, don’t get stuck out in the cold when you find that all those discount hotels are booked solid! Instead, book ahead of time with