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      Italy is many things to many people, but there’s only one word that really succinctly sums all of its manifold qualities and charms: Ugento. That’s right, the small commune of Ugento in Apulia province, easily overlooked even with a map, is just the kind of place to visit if you want to know what Italy is really all about. Here, you can take a walk in the natural beauty of the botanical gardens and then head over to the castle of Charles V and Santa Croce’s basilica. Each and every attraction here is packed with hundreds of years of history and is bound to be both an entertaining and edifying experience.Ugento is a great place to visit, and an even greater place to stay overnight. Then, you can sample the nightlife and spread your vacation out through many luxurious days. If you’re looking for a discount hotel in Ugento, stop right there! Leave it up to and you’ll get the best results every time.