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Portoferraio is center of the Island of Elba, located in the eastern waters of Italy. This city is bustling with visitors because of its waters and historical values, especially to those who want follow the paths of Napoleon, even for just the weekend. Portoferraio was once the hailed as the home of Napoleon Bonaparte. The house is now called the Villa S. Martino. It has become a museum where the things belonging to Napoleon are still perfectly preserved. Napoleon also changed a simple bakery into a remarkable library by donating almost 1,000 books. The library is now part of the Palazzo Communale (Town Hall). Aside from the beaches, the town is also known for Therme di San Giovani, a therapeutic spa in the village itself.The hotels in Portoferraio offer various accommodations in terms of their location. If you are there for the beach, check out the Portoferraio hotels located right on the beach. If you are there for history and discount hotels, Portoferraio accommodations are also near to key areas in this village. Lastly, for savings, consider getting a travel package of Portoferraio. Cheap hotels are added to this package and they can be booked online in