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    Located in the Island of Elba, Rio Marina used to be exploited for mining but now it is being packaged as a tourist destination. And the town is right when they decided to make it one. Even a visit for the weekend, Rio Marina will enchant you with their beach and in this curved location of the island you will see from afar a number of boats and yachts visiting the island. As the town was used for the mining industry, you can visit the Mineral Museum where more than 700 types of minerals are on display. In the shores of the town, you can also see the Torre dell'Orologio, a red clock tower that existed since the 1800s. Then, there is the Oratory of S. Rocco from the 16th century. This structure can easily be spotted since it is located right in the center of the town.As progress in tourism comes to Rio Marina, cheap hotels with great accommodation started to mushroom. There are also a number of Rio Marina hotels constructed by hotel franchises. If you place a request in your discount hotels, Rio Marina becomes the starting point where you can visit other parts of the island which is as interesting as the town. You can find great rates and package of hotels in Rio Marina in