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    Rosignano Marittimo is known for its richness in various periodical events, exhibitions, and festivals that add significance to the cultures and traditions of the whole Tuscany region. It has ideal places like Nibbia, Gabbro, and Castelnuovo della Misericordia that offer different nice restaurants and other areas of green avenues and large gardens, parks and pinewoods, where you can enjoy any activities for relaxations during holiday or weekend. Rosignano Marittimo also has a 12th century castle that is situated on top of a hill that dominates the skyline. There is also the Civil Museum, which serves as the central part of life in the placeThe best deals and rates on Rosignano Marittimo hotels are found at where you can access for free online bookings and reservations. Most of the best hotels in Rosignano Marittimo are set in villas historically inspired with green surroundings. If youre on a limited budget and would prefer to stay in a simple yet quality accommodation, there are also some cheap Rosignano Marittimo hotels that you can choose from. There are also discount hotels Rosignano Marittimo offers for farm holidays.