Hotels in Ospedaletto Lodigiano

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Ospedaletto Lodigiano Details

Ospedaletto Lodigiano is one of those towns that pulls off the difficult task of integrating natural beauty with manmade cultural glory. The degree to which it succeeds at this task is reflected in the amazing “Nine Chapels” of the Sacri Monti mountains, nine monasteries that are renowned the world over for the way that their antiquated architecture merges seamlessly and beautifully with the surrounding hillside. It’s truly a glory to behold. The treasure of man are on prominent display in the Dominican Convent as well in the form of da Vinci’s famous “Last Supper” painting, a sight that no trip to Italy is complete without.Ospedaletto Lodigiano’s fabulous countryside is just waiting to take you in and fold you in the arms of splendour. Believe us, you’re not going to want to leave once you get here. Stay over night in one of the many excellent discount hotels that Osepdaletto Lodigiano has to offer, with the help of