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      The province of Lucca is located in the northern Italian region of Tuscany; it is bathed on the west by the Ligurian Sea. Traditionally, the province is divided into three sections: the Piana di Lucca, a flat area in the vicinity of the capital city of the province, the Garfagna, a historically important area between the Apian Alps and the Tuscan Apennines, and the Versilia, the coastal area of the province that includes numerous well known beach resort towns. The capital of the province, also called Lucca, was first founded by the Ligurians and then developed by the Normans starting in the year 180 AD. It is considered one of the most important cities of art in all of Italy. Lucca sights to see include the defensive walls that surround the historical center, which are completely intact and date to the 15th century, as well as numerous medieval buildings within the historical center itself.