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    The province of Macerata is located in the central Italian region of Le Marche; it is bathed on the east by the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the provinces that are part of the important Monte Sibillini National Park. The capital city, also called Macerata, is an important artistic center in central Italy; the university here is one of the oldest in the world, founded in the 1200's. It is also from this city that the annual pilgrimage to the town of Loreto departs. Head out of the capital city to visit the other towns of the province, such as Camerino. This town is famous for its university, founded in 1336. Here youll also be able to admire the Cathedral, built in the 1800's over the ruins of the Romanesque-Gothic cathedral destroyed in an earthquake, as well as the Palazzo Ducale, built in the 1400's. You should also visit the town of Morrovalle; sights to see here include the Palazzo Lazzarini, built in the 14th century in Gothic style, and the Franciscan Convent, built in the 11th century. If youre in need of some entertainment while traveling through Le Marche during the weekend, Macerata is a fantastic place to check out.