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If you are planning to getaway to Italy for a short weekend, Montelupone may be a nice, small destination to seek for a little solitude and even romance. Hotels in Montelupone present the opportunity to visit the country of Italy without the hustle and bustle of the city. While it is not full of discount hotels, Montelupone has a number of accommodations, and can help you get low rates to the place where you wish to stay.In Montelupone, cheap hotels go quickly during the Festivi e Prefestivi Ore, a festival to celebrate the old ore production in the area, mostly of copper. This festival takes place in the Piazza del Comune, in which youll find a number of Montelupone hotels. During this festival, also known as Pinacoteca Civica, the city of Montelupone opens up the Museo DArte and Mestieri Antichi for public usage and event activities. Be sure to plan a day or two in Montelupone as you make your way through Italy.