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The little city of San Severino Marche is located in the province of Macerata, which is in the beautiful country of Italy. If you've decided to indulge yourself by spending some time in this beautiful place, admiring the olive groves and basking in the warm sunshine, you aren't alone. The San Severino Marche area has become quite popular in recent years for travelers who want to experience real Italian culture for themselves. If you are a lover of various forms of architecture, you will be ecstatic in San Severino Marche. There is Baroque, Romanesque, and Renaissance architecture here. In fact, the city is dotted all over with impressive, historic buildings.Sightseeing usually makes travelers hungry, especially if they have been doing a lot of walking. Restaurants in San Severino Marche take good care of those on foot as well as those who use alternate forms of transportation beside manpower. Delicious regional food and drinks as well as American, Greek, and other international cuisines are available for walk-in patrons without a reservation in quite a few restaurants. When planning your San Severino Marche trip, be sure to book your hotel in advance. Hotels in this area tend to fill up quickly, as the area is quite popular. will find a budget hotel for you, and help you to reserve the room or rooms you need for your trip.