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The province of Mantua is located in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. The first villages in the capital city of the province, also called Mantua, date to around 2000 BC; Etruscans established themselves in the city around the 6th century BC, after which the city eventually passed into Roman hands. All this history has left an indelible mark on the city, making it a favorite of artists and tourists alike. Mantua sights to see include Piazza Sordello, the most important square in the city, which houses its main monuments. Check out the Palazzo Ducale, built in the 13th century to house the governing family; more than a simple palace, it is made up of many buildings with different functions. Besides the main city of Mantua, attractions abound in the other towns and cities of the province. Visit the town of Asola, for example, to see the Cathedral dedicated to San Andrea, built in the 1500's. If youre searching for some interesting entertainment in northern Italy for a weekend, Macerata is an excellent choice.