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Medio Campidano is a province in Sardinia, Italy. This province was created from a part of the Cagliari province, and contains 28 different communities. Campidano is an agricultural province. Grains to make cereal, fruits and vegetables, including grapes to make wine with, groves of citrus and olives, and almonds are all grown here. At one time back in the 1940's, the area was nothing more than a swamp. With the use of some drainage devices as well as changing the way the land was used, Medio Campidano became an area well suited for agriculture. With the beaches, waterfalls, Linas mountain views, visitors to Medio Campidano can immerse themselves in all that nature has to offer. Mountain biking, mountain climbing, water sports, and much more are all activities that are enjoyed here. Restaurants in Medio Campidano make good use of the fresh produce and fruit that are grown here, as well as the good olive and almond oils.