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    Capo d’Orlando is a village on the island of Sicily in the province of Messina. This coastal town is a tourist favorite because of its beaches and its proximity to the Aeolian Islands. While the economy is based largely on tourism, it is also a financial and commercial center on the island. This one time sleepy little fishing village has evolved into a popular Mediterranean resort town, and is a great place to investigate options for budget Capo d’Orlando hotels.The original Roman settlement on the current site of Capo d’Orlando was known as Agathyrnum, and was primarily a military holding. It wasn’t until the train station was built in the 20th century that the town became more popular with visitors, and it seems as if the appeal is here to stay. While in town, be sure to visit the Villa Piccolo, the town’s art museum and picture gallery. Or take a stroll out into the surrounding country to see the rolling lemon and orange fields that dot the hills.