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        There is both an old town and a new town to see when you visit Milazzo. The remains of Castle Frederick II dominate the old heart of the city. He personally designed the fortifications in 1239. At each corner of the surrounding wall are 5 round towers. can help you locate a hotel in Milazzo close to the centre core. This means the many sights of the town’s heart are within easy reach of your Milazzo hotel.Start with the Castel before moving on to the old duomo. This cathedral dates from the 17th century. Of greater interest is the Sanctuary di S. Francesco di Paola (1464). Rebuilt in the 18th century, this church features an ornate façade as well as a pleasing pediment. Inside the inner Chapel of Jesus is a wooden altar. Set within it is a Madonna and Child. Nearby, the Chiese de S.S. Salvatore Salvatore is a restored 1600 church. The elegant façade is by Govanni Battista Vacarini of Palermo. The Chiesa della Madonna del Rosario is 16th century. Rebuilt in the 18th century it features a fresco by Messina painter Domenico Giordano. This Church had been the home of the Tribunal Inquisition until 1783.