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The old city walls of the castle in Motta Camastra hail back to Aragon-Angevin times. The origins of the castle probably date back to the 14th century. Much of its ruins are now integrated into the townscape. You can, however, see the doorway arch cut in lava rock and the remains of ancient towers. This and much more is all part of a visit to the area. Arrange accommodations in a hotel in Motta Camastra through Relax and enjoy the main attractions.Along the Corso Umberto is an old restored mill. Here you can purchase local handicrafts. Wander out the door of your Motta Camastra hotel towards the picturesque Piazza Rocanne. From here, you have a clear view of Mount Etna. Next, go visit the two religious edifices. The Chiese Madre, dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel is the town’s major religious center. It dates from around 1500. Within, you can see a marbel statue of the Madonna of Montalto. This 17th century work is rendered in the Gagini school. The wooden choir is from 1777. The creative woodcarvings are by a local, Sebastian Grasso. They focus on the 12 apostles. The Chiesa dell Anunziata is an earlier church (1400s). The cross-ribbed vaulting and arch system makes it a pleasure to visit. Inside is the late 17th century painting Madonna del Carmine as well as some earlier wooden statues of St. Nicholas and Sant’Antonio Abate. The bells of the church are old fixtures. One dates from 1161. On Sunday, the sound of the bells sounds clearly through all the windows and hotels in Motta Camastra.