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Panarea is the smallest island of the seven major islands in the Aeolian Archipelago. It is a favorite natural tourist attraction because of its well maintained network of trails that lead to panoramic views. The islands of Panarea are parts of the volcanic system formed by an underwater eruption. Remnants of the Diana period can be found at the Timpone del Corvo and also the base of Calcara. Also of equal interest are the ancient traces of a settlement in Piano Quartara that belong to the early Bronze Age. A boat trip around the island would unfold a marvelous panorama of colossal blocks which are naturally cut, forming prisms isolated in the sea and mysterious portals like Cala Junco. A hike to Pizzo del Corvo, the highest peak of Panarea (approx. 450 meters) will set you up for a magnificent descent to the East, dotted with contours of rich corn and huge olive trees.For an exciting weekend, Panarea is the ideal place to go. Enjoy its scenographic view while delighting in the friendly accommodations of Paranea Hotels. Hotels in Panarea are immersed in beautiful gardens surrounded by luxurious vegetation. Plan the trip with a light pocket and avail of the discount hotels Panarea offers to smart tourists. Get advance booking for the Panarea cheap hotels conveniently through