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      The town of Patti in northeast Sicily slopes over the sea. The 18th century cathedral dominates the inner town. The external of this duomo is deceptive. Within, you will find the remains of the older Norman church. This includes a 1400 portal. Also inside lies the sarcophagus of Queen Adelaide, wife of Norman king, Roger I. Today, it is just a replica of the 1180. With the help of, you can locate a hotel in Patti. This will give you time to explore the coast and enjoy the town’s many sights. These include the famed Villa RomaniThe Villa Romani di Patti is the ruins of a large Imperial age Roman villa. You can see the peristyle, the large portico complete with several colonnades. There is the large “sala.” Marvel at the mosaics, particularly those in a stunning geometric design. This structure is far older than the merely medieval streets of Patti. Both are within reach of most Patti hotels. So, too are the town’s major museums: the Dicoesan Museum with its treasure of religious art and the Ethnographic Museum. The latter provides you with information on the town, its culture and its social background. If you want to find out more about the Roman period, there is the Antiquarium at the Villa Romana. For more on religious art, leave your comfortable room in a Patti hotel. Leave and visit the Church of St. Michael. Here, you can see a marble ciborium by Antonio Gaglioni (1538).