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    Make the right choice and don’t stay home this weekend. Sant'Alessio Siculo should be your first choice. There should be no reason why you shouldn’t visit this wonderful place that has so many surprises in store for you. Being only 9miles form Ali Terme, Sant'Alessio Siculo makes it possible to visit the city of Scifi. Visit Messina and book into any of the Italy hotels. Once you have done that see what Ali Terme has to show you. Blue seas, a fertile countryside… Ali Terme need not say more.Italy cheap hotels are available to anyone that would like to live the ordinary life and just be out and exploring Camposanto, which lies on the west side of Piazza Dante. Here is housed some of the most beautiful cemeteries. offers more information on the countries you are destined to travel and you will find enough hotels in Italy and even discount hotels Italy when you have had enough for one day.