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Lying in a lush green valley is Santa Domenica Vittoria. Its name comes from the patron saint of the village, Santa Domenica and the Princess Vittoria. If you arrive in August or September, you can take part in the Feast of the two major saints, St. Domenica and St. Anthony Abbot. can help you find a hotel in Santa Domenica Vittoria so you can enjoy your stay no matter how busy it getNearby, you will find Nebrodi Park. It includes the impressive Mountains of Nebrodi. Inside the village, you can wander over to the Town Hall on the Piazza Moro. Sit in the square and watch the people stroll by you. Listen to the sound of the water splash in the fountains. Admire the stone houses surrounding you. You can easily reach the main sites from the square and from most hotels in Santa Domenica Vittoria. You can also see the Baronial Tower from the windows of several Santa Domenica Vittoria hotels. The tower dates from the middle ages. Close-at-hand is the simple but elegant Mother Church. Dedicated to Anthony Abate, it dates from the 1700. Inside you will find several works of early religious art.