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    Stromboli is the most northeast of the Aeolian Islands. It is also an active volcanic island, referred to as the “best light show” in the area. For a weekend, Stromboli can really “light up your life.” Besides the volcano, you can visit two villages on the island of Stromboli. Hotels can assist you in locating San Bartolo and San Vincenzo. Here, you will find single story white-washed houses with roof terraces. From the hotels in Stromboli, or nearby you can visit the S. Vincezo Church. Due to the island’s popularity, check with to locate hotels - cheap Stromboli hotels, inexpensive deals or discount hotels. Stromboli, actively supplies you with a reason for goingTo reach the Island of Stromboli, take the boat from Naples or a hydrofoil from Palmero, Cefalà, Messina or Milazzo. You can also take boat rides around the island to view the rough-hewn cliffs. Some excursions stop in secluded coves. The black sandy beaches are available for sun bathing and the deep waters encourage divers.