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Terme Vigliatore with a population of around 7,000 people faces the Aeolian Islands. It is 35 km from Messina, Sicily. In times past, people stayed in the hotels in Terme Vigliatore to take the waters. The Romans had erected nearby baths connected to the hot volcanic springs. You can still spend a spa weekend. Terme Vigliatore does not discourage bathing. However, what draws the tourists to Terme Vigliatore hotels is the Villa Romana di S. Biagio. S. Baigio is a small suburb of Terme Vigliatore. It also is home to the finest Roman villa on the island of Sicily. It is here the baths separated into the traditional frigidarium, tepidarium and calidarium, are located. There are also frescoes on the walls depicting such things as fishing. It is worth staying day or two even in Terme Vigliatore cheap hotels. For extra value, arrange with to stay in discount hotels. Terme Vigliatore has other ways for you to spend your money.If you are not interested in the Villa, plan a visit to Messina. There are several museums of interest including the Civic Museum and the Regional Museum. While you are there, visit the round square, Piazza Antonello, where you can find more modern buildings such as the post office and the town hall. For older historical sites, go to see the Duomo with its majestic interior, treasury room and campanile.