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Tusa is a small Italian town located in the Sicily region. It is a great place to stay because of the stunning deserted ancient towns nearby. can help tourists find discount hotels Tusa offers for a week or weekend. Tusa is right next to the ancient ghost towns of Tindari and Halaesa. Tindari is mostly known for its Black Madonna but it also contains an amphitheatre.Staying in hotels in Tusa also places tourists next to Halaesa. There ruins are eerie in that the only things left of this ancient town are fragments of an aqueduct and statues along with a few coins. About an hour drive away but worth it is incredible collection of relics from the prehistoric period to Roman times. Tusa hotels are near the Museo Archeologico Regionale which is not too far from Laguna di Oliveri. Tusa cheap hotels and sights make it a great vacation town.