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      Bresso Airport Details

      The Bresso Airport is located in the Parco Nord, or North Park, in Milan. The proper name for the airport is Aero Club Milano-Bresso. It is called an aero club because it is a small airstrip that does not offer commercial flights. The airport accepts civil, private, and touristic flights, and is located entirely within the park limits. 450 members of the club pay membership fees in order to have access to 27 different planes, and the club is one of the most popular flight schools in Italy.Bresso Airport is often visited by private business travelers who want a convenient location to the commercial district. Or, flight school students might stay in the area because of the proximity to the airfield.

      Address: Via Antonio Gramsci 1, 20091 Bresso MI, Italy

      Code: LIMB

      Phone: +39 02 610 1625