Hotels in Papiniano Market

      Papiniano Market Details

      Milan has two rings that surround the historic center. Inside the first ring, you are closest to the main sites. Near Papiniano Market in Milan, you are just at the edge of the second ring.The Papiniano Market, or Mercato Papiniano as locals call it, is located on the street of the same name, Viale Papiniano. This combined flea market and vegetable market is composed of hundreds of stalls lining the road, and it gets incredibly crowded. Everyone should be wary of pickpockets, but especially tourists may find themselves to be targeted by petty thieves. Enjoy browsing around the stalls for deals on designer fashions, particularly in Piazza SantAgostino.

      Address: Via Marco Antonio Bragadino, 2, 20144 Milano, Italy