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      Just outside the Hippodrome is a huge statue of a horse, known as Leonardos Horse. The massive statue is 7 m tall, over 8 m long, weighs over 15 tons, and is made completely of solid bronze. 500 years ago the Lord of Sforza instructed Leonardo da Vinci to design the greatest statue ever built. However, during his in 17 years in Milan all Leonardo ever completed was a series of drawings and sketches. In 1977, ex-airline pilot Charles Dent read about the statue that never was - in National Geographic, and set up a foundation, Leonardo da Vinci's Horse Inc, to collect funds in order to finish Leonardo's incomplete project and donate the statue to Italy, to repay of the debt the entire world owed for the Italian Renaissance. Dent never saw the project completed as he died in 1994 and the statue wasn't finished until 1999.The Hippodrome itself holds horse racing meets and trotting racing (chariot racing). In this sport, horses are not allowed to gallop; they must trot, but betting is just as fierce as with traditional horse racing. Whether you are interested in the racing or the statue, the location isn't one you should miss as there are many other attractions in the local area.

      Address: Via Ippodromo, 100, Milano MI, Italy

      Phone: +39 02 482161