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      The Velodromo Vigorelli is a smaller stadium that was built in 1935. It holds just 9,000 people, so it is commonly used for smaller sporting events or concerts. The stadium was an important site for cycling in the mid-20th century, and is still sometimes used for cycling events today. Diehard fans of the sport may want to visit it because it was here that the cycling record for the longest distance cycled in an hour was held for more than 30 years.Today, the stadium is more often used for Italys American-style football events. There are football teams throughout Italy who compete for the national championship each year. American author John Grisham wrote about this relatively unknown football league in his novel, Playing for Pizza. The stadium is located near Milans convention center and commercial districts, to the northwest of the city center.

      Address: Via Arona, 19, 20149 Milano, Italy

      Phone: +39 02 3310 4970