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The province of Milan is home to the municipality known as Pero. Pero is a small area, which is made up of the villages known as Cerchiate and Cerchiarello, and is close to the city of Milan. The discount hotels in Pero are a perfect place for the traveler to relax after a sightseeing day trip to one of the historic towns nearby. If by chance you would rather stay right in Pero and enjoy an outside adventure, the choice is yours. Hiking, pleasure walking and spending time on Peros beach are the favorite pastimes of many who travel here.A bit further afield from Pero you will find attractions such as the Milan Cathedral, which is known to be the fourth largest cathedral in the entire world. At the gates of the city, visitors will find four basilicas known as Saint Ambros, Saint Nazarus, Saint Simplician, and Saint Eustorgius. These historic buildings will be of great interest to the history buff as well as those who are fond of ancient architectural styles. The Scala Museum and Art Gallery, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and the Pirelli Tower are all highly interesting and historical sites that most visitors to Pero make the time to visit. The budget hotels in Pero are very convenient to these sightseeing gems.