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          The gardens of the Villa Burba in Rho conceal the remnants of an old Roman Necropolis. This 17th century Lombardian residence also features the Oratorio to Saint Joseph on its grounds. The Villa is also home to the Museum. It contains exhibits on 20th century sculpture as well as period furniture recreating specific rooms from the Villa’s past. At the Palazzo Visconti, the rooms come alive with 17th century frescoes. There are works by the Milanese Masters of Frederico Bianchi. Wander through its Romantic-style Garden or in the Villa Burba Public Park. It is a great way to start-off your stroll through the attractions of Rho. Take it easy and book ahead. will provide you with a list of hotels in Rho close to the main attractions. Among the sights in the town are the castle-like Municipal Hall and the Church of San Vittore (1834).San Vittore is neo-Classical in design. Inside are the bronze Last supper (1852) several paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries in the Lombard School. The Frescoes, stucco and ornate touches of gild and white are by Professors Begne e Bisone in the 20th century. San Vittore sits across from the Cross of the Plague. It is from the 17th century but commemorates the earlier survival of the citizens from this disastrous disease. Head off back to your hospitable Rho hotel for a well-deserved break before tackling the Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows or Miracles. It dates from 1583 by Pellegrino Tibaldi, rebuilt by Floriano Bodrini. The façade is by Leopold Pollack (1785). The interior is a sumptuous display of 17 and 1800 sculptures and paintings. These include murals of the Virgin. From here, go to the Town Hall. This Neo-gothic structure is by Silvio Giulani. It contains several paintings including the 4 putti by Daniel Crespi (1590-1639). They all are from the demolished church. Before you head back to your hotel in Rho, stop off in the Villa Schleiber, a former 15th century hunting lodge.