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San Donato Milanese, Italy, located within the Province of Milan, is perfectly situated to get to every many main attractions in the region easily. A tourist would only have to take do a quick check at for hotels in San Donato Milanese to be in guaranteed close proximity to Milan, which is only a 22 minute drive from the town. For discount hotels, San Donato Milanese is the town to beat when it comes to its proximity to great sights.In a region where Catholicism drenches every piece of architecture, there is an unusual sight of the Chiesa di San Babila, a pagan temple in the 2nd century which was transformed into a church by a bishop. Not far from San Donato Milanese hotels, another example of a hidden pagan past is the Anfiteatro Romano di Cagliari, Milan's amphitheatre, which was once used for pagan occasions only to be ended by the spread of Christianity throughout the land at the end of the fourth century. It is in ruins due to the demands of church officials. Finally, a modern touch in a region overrun with its past is the Mercato di viale Papiniano. Visitors can spend the cash they did not have to spend on San Donato Milanese cheap hotels at the mall. This world famous shopping mall is great for a weekend-- San Donato Milanese being a place to escape after the jammed traffic and crowded shops.