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Like many old towns, Vittore Olona combines the old with the new. The town hall is a modern edifice of glass and stone and metal. The Palazzo Tre Porte is a neo-Classical residence as is the Villa Caccia Dominoni. The two Palazzos are near each other in the center of town. The Town Hall and the two palazzos are all within easy walking distance of the many hotels in Vittore Olona. Discover the town’s treasures, including charming budget hotels. provides you with the tools to locate a central hotel in Vittore Olona. You then have the time to explore the municipio and its commune.The Chiesa San Stefano is a neo-Gothic religious edifice. Inside are some marvelous 16th century frescoes. Of particular significance are the works attributed to the master artist, G. Giacomolo. Take a walk along the Olona River. Vittore Olona is part of the Parco dei Mulini (Park of Mills). There are several mills within the town, many not far from Vittore Olona hotels. Take advantage and go see the Meraviglia mill or the Mulino Montoli. It is a way of discovering the industrial and agricultural past of the town.