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    Segrate is in Lombardy. As a getaway weekend, Segrate, population approximately 33,000, provides easy access to the larger center of Milan. Therefore, staying at hotels in Segrate is a pleasant alternative. The nearby airport ensures the accessibility of Segrate cheap hotels. Check with for availability to discount hotels. Segrate provides variety for all budgets. Segrate, an ancient city, once the center of civil and religious affairs for the neighboring area, retains much of its past. If you stay at any of the Segrate hotels, be sure to go to see the Church of S. Stafano to see its bell tower or visit the Church of S. Rocco or the Redaelli Villa. Yet, people remember Segrate for its modern architectural works. The Town Hall is a modern edifice, dating from 1963 and designed by G. Canella and M. Achilli. The fountain in front is the work of Aldo Red in 1965 while the Mondadori Center is the product of the internationally known Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.